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Illuminum perfume logo

Every girl dreams of being a princess. The pretty gowns, the fantastic parties, and…Prince Charming. It might all be one big fantasy, but little girls (end even some grown-up ones) still have the right to dream. We all were a part of one young lady’s dream on April 29, 2011. We watched her emerge from the car with her gown being unfurled as she headed towards the steps of Westminster Abbey. It was the beginning of a fairy tale wedding day for Catherine Middleton as she married her Prince.

We have all seen the pictures of that day. The Dress. The Celebrities. The Hats. The Coaches. The Ceremony.  We feel as if we were a part of all the pomp and circumstance. One thing we weren’t able to notice was something that had wedding guests all abuzz was the scent that Catherine chose to wear on her wedding day. Catherine has quite the talent for putting little-known British brands on the map and she did exactly that with the scent she chose for her big day.

Illuminum white gardenia petals perfume bottle

It is being reported that the Duchess wore ‘White Gardenia Petals’ by Illuminum. As the name suggests this is a decidedly floral fragrance.  It is very pretty, faintly powdery and definitely soft. It is feminine and delicate, not sweet, not exceptionally coconutty, but very much resembling a gossamer white floral blend that has been slightly tempered by a diaphanous veil – like Catherine’s veil of silk tulle, indeed! And though there’s gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang in there, White Gardenia Petals is not at all too pungent. I’d call it ladylike and demure.

When the people at Illuminum found out that this is what Catherine wore on her wedding day, an elated company spokesman said, ‘I am so proud.’ Quite the understatement for the fragrance that is going to be the next big thing in the perfume world.



someday womens fragrance by justin beiber

There is no hotter teen sensation than Justin Bieber. He has legions of young female fans that are just dying to have a piece of the Biebs. He brings them to tears when he walks on stage and leaves them wanting more when the show is over. They want to take a piece of the Justin Bieber home with them and just be able to soak it all in. Well, their time has come because the domain of Justin Bieber is expanding.

The Biebs already has a burgeoning beauty empire. He has already launched a line of nail polish and a unisex fragrance in the last year. He is soon to launch a scent for the throngs of admirers that have catapulted him to fame and fortune. The new perfume is going to be called ‘Someday.’ The young Bieber himself helped created the fruity fragrance. He even helped design the bottle! Justin has a very strong bond with his fans and says that the fragrance is just another way for him to ‘bring them closer to my world.’

Although the perfume is going to cost more than an iTunes download, the money is not going to line the pockets of the young Canadian star. All the money is going to be given to charity. Bieber has teamed up, again, with Give Back Brands to have the perfume marketed through them.  Give Back Brands is supposed to distribute the money to Bieber’s favorite charitable organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Pencils of Promise which helps build schools.

‘Someday’ will come in 3 different sizes (1 oz, 1.7oz, 3.5oz) as well as a body lotion and hair mist. The fragrance is expected to hit the shelves in June.

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