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In 1925, in a small German village, the world got it’s first taste of Adidas. It was there, in a village by the name of Herzogenaurach, located 12 miles to the north and the west of Nuremberg, that those simple three stripes were brought to life by adidas’ founder, Adolf
“Adi” Dassler. Adi created Adidas after realizing the need for performance athletic shoes. Adidas began small, producing soccer and running shoes, which ironically enough are still the main products that Adidas is known for. Adidas has continued to gain momentum through the years. Many attribute this to Adidas’ quality, styling and reputation. Adidas is currently the largest supplier of athletic shoes in Europe. Adidas ranks second worldwide,
with their products selling in almost 200 countries. In 1994 alone, Adidas sales totaled 3 billion dollars. In late 1995, Adidas went public with its stock. It was a tremendous success and continues to trade internationally. Adidas posted an amazing 40% increase in net sales in the first half of 1997. The Dassler family has a rich heritage in shoes. Adi’s brother, Rudolf went on to create the puma brand in 1948 after a dispute with Adi. And, another Adi Dassler, who just happens to be the grandson of the founder of Adidas, has launched his own shoe company, A. D. One. which specializes in adventure and sub-urban footwear.

Adidas brand fragrances for men and women reflect the same energy, vibrancy and top quality as its apparel and the athletes who wear them.

This energizing and deeply fragrant cologne that can only be brought around by Adidas.  Adidas Deep Energy Cologne is perfect for everyday use by the man willing and looking to make a statement. This is available in EDT Spray (3.4 oz).

Adidas Dynamic Pulse Cologone is a fresh daytime scent for the active man who loves to feel his blood rush. Top notes of grapefruit, mandarin, cedar leaves and mint rest over a soft floral heart mixed with apple and mango; its base is composed of sandalwood, patchouli, rockrose and tonka bean. A dynamic and masculine fragrance for men. This is available in EDT SPray (3.4 oz).

Adidas Fresh Impact Cologne by Adidas is indeed fresh— with a hint of sensuality that’s impossible to ignore. Fresh Impact fuses lime, crushed leaves, watermelon, fresh ginger, nutmeg and crisp watermint with and amber wood accord, patchouli and a frosted musk for a blend that is at once warm and masculine and cool and alluring. An exhilarating and lively scent choice for him. This is available in EDT Spray (3.4 oz), aftershave (3.4 oz).

Adidas Game Spirit Cologne is both fresh and woody, composed around a blend of melon, sandalwood, caramel and vetiver and accented by notes of mint and green leaves, apple, honeysuckle, patchouli, vanilla, and sugared almond. A decadent and balanced scent for men. This is availabe in EDT Spray (3.4 oz).

Adidas Ice Dive cologne is sporty fresh, with vibrant citrus scents accented by soft masculine woods. Top notes of grapefruit, lavender and mint lead into a black pepper,
bamboo, and kiwi heart and a base composed of sandalwood, tonka bean, grey amber and vanilla. This is available in EDT Spray (3.4 oz).

Adidas Sport Field Cologne is rugged and fresh, like the smell of mud after a hard rain.  This citrusy daytime scent for men centers on notes of lemon and patchouli,  accented by mandarin, sage and lavender, nutmeg, pepper, and a cocktail of  musks. Undeniably fresh, and undeniably alluring.  This is available in EDT Spray (3.4 oz).

Winner of the prestigious FiFi award in 2000, Adidas Team Force Cologne uses the undeniable strength of perfect composition to tackle the market. Prune and cedarwood are made lively by grapefruit and tangerine, pear and pineapple; softened by lavender and jasmine, and deepened by amber and tobacco in its base. A masculine and alluring scent. This is available in EDT Spray (3.4 oz).

Adidas Victory League Cologne celebrates team spirit and is therefore exciting and completely enrapturing. An exotic and sensual blend including notes of lavender, cedarwood, orange, basil, cinnamon, pear, vanilla, and fresh cut grass. This is available in EDT Spray (3.4 oz).

Adidas Floral Dream for women is a classic bouquet fragrance that incorporates a healthy dose of the brand’s characteristic vitality and freshness. Spicy bergamot sits over a heart
composed of white lilac, lily and rose, and a sensual tonka bean and vanilla base, for a scent that is fresh and all around feminine. This is available in EDT Spray (1.7 oz).

Free Emotion is available in EDT Spray (1.7 oz).

Adidas Fruity Rhythms scent for women is playful and energetic, fusing top notes of raspberry and blackcurrant bud with freesia, rose, sandalwood and musk. A lighthearted,
sweet and feminine fragrance choice for her. This is available in EDT Spray (1.7 oz).

Adidas Natural Vitality perfume for women is a vivacious and fresh floral-citrus fragrance.
Tomato leaf and lychee top notes blend with a lotus blossom and watermelon heart and a base built around musk and precious woods. A dynamic women’s fragrance for the active and adventurous. This is available in EDT Spray (1.7 oz).

Adidas Tropical Passion fragrance for women is fresh, alluring and lively.  Top notes of tangerine, melon and pineapple rest over a magnolia and orange  blossom heart and a base composed of musk and cedarwood. An invigorating  feminine scent. This is available in EDT Spray (1.7 oz).

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