Candles Make the Season Bright!

Get and give all the scents of the Winter Holidays in candle form. Everything from Christmas Tree to Apple Pie and Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon Sticks.

Candles might seem like simple gifts, but the variety of purposes is not limited. They add warmth to a room, give a romantic or peaceful feel to a room, and when arranged well, can look artistic and beautiful!

These scented wonders are affordable source of light that create a great atmosphere for entertaining parties, romantic dinners, or lounging around with a book.

Here are some of our Holiday Favorites:

(Click on the picture to follow to the corresponding candle)

Hand Made Scented Soy Jar Candle – Apple Pie!

Hand Made Scented Soy Jar Candle – Christmas Tree

Hand Made Scented Soy Jar Candle – Cinnamon Sticks

Hand Made Scented Soy Jar Candle – Sugar Cookies

What is your favorite scent of the Holidays?

Check out the rest of our selection here:

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